Fairy Castle


The fairy castle cactus is also known by its scientific name Acanthocereus tetragonus––is a slow grower that can reach up to six feet tall. Other common names include night-blooming cereus, triangle cactus, and barbed-wire cactus. While the fairy castle cactus rarely blooms, it will sometimes produce large white or yellow flowers.✨

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?Plant Nature: Fairy castle cacti kept as house plants should be grown in a space that receives lots of sunlight. If these plants do not receive enough light, the colours will fade and their columns will become misshapen. This is a full-sun plant, but it will survive in partial shade. To avoid overwatering your fairy castle cactus, allow the cactus potting soil to become dry between waterings. Standing water or soggy soil will cause root rot or attract mealybugs, which will likely result in your cactus perishing.



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