Money plant ( Long )


✨???? Customized Bushy & Trailing Pothos with matte gold hanging Planter Stand ????

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✨???? Customized Bushy & Trailing Pothos with matte gold hanging Planter Stand ????????

Pothos are low-light tolerant! ???? imagine this pinteresty piece enlightening those dull corners of your home and office space ????????

????????Money Plant also called Marble Queen Pothos, Devils Ivy and many more, is a very easy going houseplant that is almost idiot-proof to grow indoors. It can live in homes, offices or even inside bathroom. It’s not fussy! Marble Queen has contrasting but stunning marbled white and green foliage. Place her in a room that gets a medium amount of natural light, or even in an office or bathroom that gets low light. Rotate the plant occasionally to encourage even growth.????????

????Light Requirements
The Marble Queen needs medium to bright indirect sunlight, but will also do well in low light. Avoid direct sunlight.

????Watering Needs
The Marble Queen prefers her soil to be on the dry side. Water when the top several inches of soil has dried out. When watering, water the plant with fresh water lightly and slowly from above, allowing water to soak through to the roots, then tip out any excess water. Water moderately and infrequently.

???? Browning or yellowing leaves may be a sign that the plant is too cold or the air is too dry. Yellowing leaves or black spots on the leaves indicate over-watering.????????

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We all love plants so much but getting a plant from one location and a perfect pot from another is quite hard in our lifestyle. At Plant Affairs, they pick the best plants & use fertilized soil to pot them into trendy avant-garde ceramic pots for you.
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