Happy Valentine Box – 2 (Fully Customizable)


Size-8×5.25 x2.5 inch

Gift Wrapping Ribbons 1 pcs, Aerogram 1 pcs

Available in customizable appearance.



Exclusive Wooden Gift Items & Souvenirs: Frames, Shapes, Designs, Quotes & Key Rings,Nameplate, Gift box etc.
©Woodpecker- The first online woodcraft store in the country, was founded to take sharing of emotions to a precious level! From ancient times wooden crafts have been serving human mind with the essence of elegance, care and serenity. Woodpecker offers a diverse line of products in different shapes, designs and sizes, of engraved wooden plaques & cut outs. Woodpecker gives your emotions a perfect and permanent place in the hearts of precious wood that stays carved forever in the hearts of your loved ones!


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