Echeveria Elegans


 Echeveria elegans, called Mexican gem and Mexican snowball, is a stemless echeveria forming charming, symmetrical rosettes of neat, bluish-white, fleshy leaves close to the ground; some look like alabaster roses. It produces pink or red flowers, tipped yellow, from late winter to mid-summer. It is very floriferous. This species has long been one of the most popular with collectors and in nurseries and gardens. It is a bit variable in nature and collected extreme forms were early published as full species or as varieties, but these were too weak botanically to stand, so they are all combined in Echeveria elegans.

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?Plant nature: Echeveria elegans is a succulent, evergreen, perennial growing in dense mats because of the numerous “daughter” rosettes on long stolon’s which can be separated from the parents in spring, and grown separately – hence the common name “hen and chicks”, applied to several species within the genus Echeveria. Mats can rich a height of 5–10 cm and a diameter of 50 cm.



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